Yunnan Baiyao will relieve your dog of intense suffering

Posted on Feb 15, 2016 in Health

The painful truth is that more and more dogs are affected by bleeding cancers, especially by hemangiosarcoma. In the event that your beloved canine companion is diagnosed, two options will be presented to you by your veterinarian: surgery and of course chemotherapy. In addition to this, there are other treatments and medications that are normally recommended, but all of them will eventually tire your canine friend. What the poor fellow actually needs is a natural alternative and fortunately there is such a product on the market: Yunnan Baiyao Jiaonang for dogs. This ‘white medicine’ is known to have miraculous effects, being able to stop bleeding. Providing this supplement to your dog is crucial.

The threat represented by hemangiosarcoma

Hemangiosarcoma can be defined as a very aggressive type of canine cancer, reason why you should fear such a diagnosis. Hemangiosarcoma causes tumors in the blood vessels and when these tumors get filled with blood they rupture and ultimately cause internal bleeding. The bad news is that hemangiosarcoma can arise from any type of tissue, which means anywhere in the body. Usually it will arise from the skin, soft tissue, spleen and even the liver. Since the tumors tend to develop in the internal organs, the canine does not manifest any symptoms until it is too late. This means that you will notice that something is wrong when the hound is too weak or when he eventually collapses.

What about medical intervention?

The veterinarian will usually advise a complete cure that is designed to remove the tumor. Surgery is the first option, but unfortunately it will not help in all cases. Some veterinarians will avoid conventional treatments like radiation, steroids or chemotherapy because they do not lead to a longer survival time, not to mention that he dog suffers painful side effects. Steroids are sometimes prescribed with the purpose of suppressing some of the symptoms, but again they are dangerous because they suppress the body’s natural defense as well. Last but not least, chemotherapy causes even more severe side effects.

The miraculous pill

Yunnan Baiyao is a traditional Chinese formula that has long been used to control excessive bleeding. It is commonly believed that the Chinese medicine works by activating the platelets, meaning the small blood components that determine the blood to clot and this pill has been proven to decrease liver and spleen bleeding in animals. As long as you keep your beloved pet on the capsules for about a month, you will see improvements. What happens is that the body takes over control of the clotting process and the quality of life is implicitly restored. In addition to this, it can provide health benefits for tumor and pain. The fact is that it is very safe for animals, the medicine being even recommended by a number of veterinarians.

The bottom line is that euthanasia is not necessarily a solution for a dog suffering from cancer. Although Hemangiosarcoma and the treatment for it are aggressive, there are also natural approaches. Yunnan Baiyao is not a cure for cancer per se, it useful for relieving some of the symptoms.