What is asthma?

Posted on Jan 17, 2014 in Health

Have you ever asked what is asthma? In my case, at least once, I happened to hear about people suffering from this disease, I understood the fact that it is related to the breathing process, but I was not interested in finding out anything in advance about this affection so far.

Asthma puts an obstacle between your airways and your lungs. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get away from this disease forever, but you can work it out and try to treat it as well as you can. Asthma affects your airways by inflaming them. They become narrow and thus you cannot breathe.

Another unpleasant effect of asthma is that once you suffer from it, you will start to wheeze during your sleep, your chest will feel narrow and you will feel as if you have no air to breathe. Get ready to cope with this symptoms during the night or right after you have woken up in the morning.

Most frequently, children start suffering from this disease at very early ages and the United States of America are famous for the high number of patients. The studies made by researchers have showed that there are more than 20 million diagnosed with asthma and over one third of them are kids.

It is easy to see how asthma affects your body, after having studied the structure of the respiratory system. As you know, the air from outside our bodies needs to cross some tubes until it reaches our lungs. These tubes are called airways.

Now, if the airways are inflamed, as a result to the effect of asthma, they have a negative reaction as they get into contact with certain substances. You need to know from the very beginning which they are and try to avoid them as much as you can. It is very important not to inhale them and cover your nose as soon as you feel something is not wrong with the air you breathe.

Once you happened to inhale the unwanted substance, your muscles along the airways tighten and thus the air cannot come into your lungs. Thus less and less air can be introduced into your body and you feel the discomfort caused by the lack of oxygen in your cells. Now that you have found out what is asthma, try to help yourself and the people around you by taking the necessary caution measures!

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