Turn your unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one following these steps  

Posted on Jun 7, 2018 in Health


Are you unhappy with the way you live? Do you consider that a change would be welcomed in your life in terms of dieting, sports and so on? If you just answered yes, why are you still wasting time? Getting informed about this topic is the first sign that you are ready to make a change, that you are motivated enough to keep things going and makes things right in your life. It may be difficult at first. You will feel like you can’t continue anymore. But you need to find your inner strength and keep up with the challenges. You will be prouder than ever when everything turns into a habit. Here are the tips you probably want to know:

Physical health and dieting

You should start your day with an entirely different mindset if you want to make major changes in your life. First of all, have breakfast. Every single day – no exception. Having a healthy breakfast each morning will keep your productive and will balance your body, offering it everything it needs for the day. Eat at least five meals a day and switch unhealthy foods for healthy ones.

Give up habits such as giant portion sizes, eating just because you are bored or stressed, drinking soda or any other types of juices that contain sugar, eating dairy and gluten in excess and so on. Processed foods should be out of your way entirely. Your physical health is directly connected with what you eat. The foods you consume represent the fuel you are giving to your body. You can learn more about building a suitable diet on TrustedBody.com.

Exercising regularly and getting outdoors

The second step would be including exercising in your daily routine. At first, it will seem impossible. Once your body gets used to the effort, it will seem too easy. The key is to maintain yourself motivated and start with small steps. You can’t assume you can run a 5k marathon after your very first week of jogging. Set small, achievable goals and you will reach the level you desire.

Sign up to the closest gym and ask the coach to give you some tips about what type of physical activity you should get involved into in order to achieve the goals you previously set. In case your excuse is that you don’t have enough time to exercise daily, keep in mind that there are workouts that last as little as 10 minutes a day. If you can’t do that because you consider you don’t have enough time, you are only finding excuses.

Mental health matters too

If your unhealthy lifestyle got to a point when it affects your mental health, the change is not an option anymore, but a necessity. Some foods are actually helping with boosting your mood if you choose them right. There are diets that include meals especially chosen for curing depression or lack of energy. Look them up and give them a try as soon as possible.