Tips for a successful nursing job interview

Posted on Mar 23, 2016 in Health

When it comes to looking for the perfect job, you have to know that the process is not an easy one. It is quite difficult to find a suitable vacancy, but the harder part is convincing the employer that you are the right person for that position. Each institution has special selection methods, adjusted to their particular needs and also to the tendencies of the job market. Taking into consideration the evolution of technology, nowadays HR companies are making more and more use of modern selection methods. The role of human resources has been redefined in the past years, but this does not mean that machines will be taking over people’s job in the following period. However, the industry is dynamic and there are some things that seem to change periodically. If you are looking for a job and you are interested to see what the future holds in terms of recruitment and selection, read on to discover the most popular trends of the following years.

  • More use of the internet and social media

At the moment, the internet is an important part of our lives, both personally and professionally. It has replaced traditional newspapers, television and even advertising channels, and this also applies when it comes to HR. Currently, employers are using specialised online platforms to promote their vacancies and attract candidates, regardless the sector. If you search online, you are going to find professional web sites advertising various positions, such as doctor, nursing or even medical and pharmaceutical sales jobs. Given the fact that almost anyone has access to a personal computer and internet connection, this is the easiest method an employer can use to have access to a large number of applicants.

  • Quality of hire is still very important

In spite of the fact that there are multiple vacancies that cannot be filled because of the lack of competent human resource, employers are still looking for the best prepared candidates. Although there is some sort of shortage when it comes to hiring well prepared doctors, for example, the medical sector has not lowered its standards. The same is happening in other sectors, so keep in mind that the competition is fierce and the selection process is complex. Most companies and institutions consider quality of hire a relevant key performance indicator, which is why if you are dreaming about a great job, you need to be prepared and ready to work hard.

  • Employee engagement has become increasingly relevant

Although the selection process may be difficult, rest assured there is also some good news: companies are stressing more and more on employee engagement, loyalty and team culture. This means that once you prove you are the best at what you are doing, they will strive to make you part of their entity. Culture has become a relevant concept in any firm and institution, since the economic climate requires smarter and more subtle HR strategies.