Things you need to know about relaxation massage

Posted on Dec 14, 2015 in Health

Relaxation massage is an ancient method used for ages to eliminate stress and relieve tension from muscles and joints. As its name says, this technique is all about relaxing, since the client is given enough time to forget about their day to day worries. Even if initially, this practice was seen as a mere stress reliever, recent studies have shown that it also has plenty of other benefits on individuals’ health. For this reason, it has become extremely popular in many parts of the world and there are plenty of salons and spas offering dedicated services. If you are interested in this type of treatment, start looking for a specialised salon in your area and make an appointment – you will not regret. However, read on to find out some things you should know before your first massage session.

What does relaxation massage involve?

During the relaxation massage North Sydney treatment, you will be asked to lie on a special table, while the practitioner starts applying pressure on certain parts of your body. You should expect a session that involves rhythmic soft gliding strokes, which seem to be floating over your body. Furthermore, the pressure applied will not cause any pain, on the contrary: it is aimed to provide you deep relaxation and eliminate tension. The entire therapy is structured in such way that you will be able to reach a complete state of serenity, but remember that this is not a treatment that can actually cure a certain diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Besides the actual moves performed by the practitioner, you should also be informed about the environment where the sessions will take place. Normally, these need to be quire serene, with soothing music, warm towels, soft bed covers and sometimes even essential oils. All these work together for the success of the massage session.


Which are the main benefits of relaxation massage?

It is well known that the main benefit of this therapy is that it enables you to reach deep relaxation, but this comes as an effect of other smaller aspects. For instance, you need to know that massage will lower your blood pressure, at least for a while, so it can also streamline peripheral circulation for those who are experiencing dysfunctions. In addition to this, as far as the looks are concerned, relaxation massage can improve appearance and skin tone (as a result of better circulation). Another benefit that most people tend to forget about is the fact that relaxation massage can even streamline gastrointestinal motility, which means a better digestion and more regular bowel movements. Besides these advantages, it is considered that the therapy can also reduce muscle tension and relief all sorts of aches, which is why some doctors recommend it during the recovery process after an injury or even surgical interventions.


As you can see, some sessions can help you stay healthier, more energetic and can even boot your immune system. The positive effects may last several days after the massage, which is why it is recommended that you attend more than one session.