The perks of joining assisted senior living facilities

Posted on Jul 2, 2015 in Health

Assisted living is a growingly popular housing arrangement for elderly people who need help with some of their day to day activities, but do not require constant supervision. This type of housing is differs from a nursing home through the autonomy offered to the residents. However, moving a parent from his home to one of the assisted senior living facilities can be difficult, especially if you do not know exactly all the benefits of this type of arrangement:

Perfect combination between independence and care

When you take your loved one to an assisted living facility, you can rest assured that he will be given the necessary care, but he will still maintain his independence. This is the perfect choice for elders who only need help with a few things, but not round the clock supervision and medical attention. This is the type of option that would allow him to maintain his independence and at the same time receive the necessary care.


Perfect for depressed seniors

Many seniors tend to be depressed when they are left alone in their homes. Even though they would never admit this, when you notice you loved one might be isolated from the world or spending too much time alone, assisted living could be the perfect choice to improve his social life and offer him the chance to be with other people. It is incredible how much of a difference spending more time around people can make and when you find a suitable caregiver, the change will become visible very fast.


Cost-effective alternative to nursing homes

Compared to nursing homes that tend to be quite expensive as they have medical personnel and nurses, assisted living usually implies fewer costs because the elders are hosted into someone’s home. The caregivers do not necessarily have medical training, but they are willing to help their seniors with anything they might need. From getting dressed, to making sure they take their medicine properly. Assisted senior living facilities are great for those who do not need round the clock supervision and want to maintain their independence, while still receiving some help with a part of their day to day activities.


To conclude, if you worry that your loved one might be lonely and in need of some help, assisted living is an option you should consider, because it offers many advantages. With the help of dedicated online platforms, finding a caregiver for your loved one should not be a problem.