The Key Benefits of Custom Medical Adhesives

Posted on May 30, 2017 in Health


There are endless different applications for custom adhesives and adhesive tapes, which span countless industries and business areas. While the most obvious of these is of course the manufacturing industry, there are many others that simply could not get by as they do today without quality custom adhesives in various shapes, forms and specifications.

One of which being the medical industry – perhaps not the first to spring to mind when considering industrial adhesive products. But when you think about it, so much about the medical and healthcare industries in general are entirely reliant on adhesive products and accessories. From simple sticking plasters to adhesive-coated heart monitors to bandages to dressings and so on, adhesives really are everywhere in this particular industry. And it of course goes without saying that when it comes to healthcare, there are really no other industry areas of greater significance or relevance.

But given the fact that there are so many generic adhesive products available for the vast majority of purposes, what’s the benefit of choosing custom medical adhesives? Why should those in need of medical adhesives consider working with a dedicated 3M tape suppliers, rather than settling for what’s already out there on the shelves?

Manufactured to Order

Well, first of all there’s the way in which bespoke means obtaining products that are manufactured to order. What this essentially means is that rather than choosing a product which suits your needs as closely as possible, you instead have a product crafted from the ground up in direct accordance with what it is you need.  When medical adhesive products are manufactured to order, they are largely guaranteed to be superior for the intended purpose than any mass-produced alternatives. The buyer gets to specify exactly what is and isn’t needed, so as to procure and use the kinds of products that are frankly better in every way. Once again, the importance of this kind of quality when it comes to healthcare cannot be overstated.

Guaranteed Safe to Use

Then of course there’s the way in which medical adhesive products created specifically for one given purpose can be guaranteed as comprehensively safe and appropriate for use in such a manner. While there are plenty of adhesive products available that claims suitability for multiple purposes, there really is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all adhesive product for use in a medical setting.  As such, if you are looking for something that can be guaranteed as 100% safe to use as intended, having a custom adhesive product made on your behalf from the ground up really is the best way to go.

Enhanced Simplicity

Simplicity also comes into the equation when considering adhesive products for use in a medical setting. For obvious reasons, the easier it is to work with any given medical adhesive product, the better the results. Not only this, but simplicity also means a better chance of the patient in question being able to self-administer the product/item, rather than having to rely on a medical professional. Particularly in the case of adhesive tape products like plasters, bandages and dressings in general, simplicity is always a beneficial product trait.

Convenient and Affordable

Contrary to popular belief, working directly with a reliable and reputable bespoke adhesive product manufacturer can actually be a more convenient and affordable alternative than buying generic. Along with gaining access to superior products, arranging long-term contracts or service agreements of any kind can result in prices considerably lower than those of comparable generic adhesive products for use in medical settings. Not only this, but it also becomes simple and convenient to arrange replenishment of stocks as and when required.

Ongoing Advice and Consultancy

Last but not least, one of the biggest benefits of all of working with a professional custom adhesive manufacturer is the way in which they can offer ongoing advice, support and consultancy along the way. Given the way in which technology is in a state of perpetual advancement, it is critically important to be aware of new developments, in order to take full advantage of them when and where possible.  Working with a professional design and manufacturing partner, the business immediately gains access to the knowledge, expertise and experience of the manufacturer and its respective technology. Whether looking to stay ahead of the competition or simply ensure all daily operations are as efficient and effective as possible, the advice and support of a leading manufacturer can be nothing short of priceless.