The Dangers Of Contagious Diseases

Posted on Jun 2, 2014 in Health

A lot of people are unaware of the difference between an infectious disease and a contagious disease. Contagious diseases are infectious but their main characteristic is that they are easily spread from one person to another. Furthermore not all infectious diseases are contagious. In order to protect yourself from a contagious disease you need to have a very strong immune system. Sometimes even when you have contact with a highly contagious disease your body can manage to repel it if the immune system is strong. Needless to say that your diet plays an important part in maintaining a strong immune system. One of the easiest ways of protecting yourself is to eat a lot of fruit of vegetables. So, you may want to replace fast food with some salads and healthy soup recipes. Another method of protecting yourself against contagious diseases is to give a lot of importance to your hygiene. Most infections develop in wet and dirty conditions and usually take a while to infiltrate your system. Therefore if you are very thorough with your hygiene you can eliminate bacteria before it turns into an infection.

Throughout the years various contagious diseases have had an important significance in certain societies impeding their development. One of the most deadly diseases of all time was the small pox which had a 10 % chance of survival. Fortunately the medical world manage to completely eradicate this disease. However certain countries still have mandatory vaccines against it as a method of precaution. Other conditions existed since biblical times such as Leprosy. Other contagious diseases that have impacted the human history are the bubonic plague, the typhoid fever, cholera, rabies, anthrax, and Ebola. Most of them have been eradicated or they no longer pose a treat as they can be easily treated. However there are other diseases that still pose a challenge to the medical society as well as the rest of the world. HIV is a contagious disease that can be transmitted through contact of bodily fluids. Although there is treatment that can keep this disease under control there is no actual cure for it.

A great paradox in the medical world is the MRSA. This is a contagious infection caused by a antibiotic resistant bacteria. The paradox lies in the fact that this infection is commonly contacted in hospitals and healthcare clinics, the places where we go to regain our health, not to feel worse. This infection is particularly dangerous for patients with low immune systems. Cases of MRSA are usually subject to medical negligence as it is considered that it is the hospital’s duty to prevent these infections. If you want to know more about this contagious condition, visit, where you will also find useful advice on how to deal with medical malpractice.

There are certain contagious disease that are very common and are contacted by most people at least once during their life time. Perhaps the most common contagious disease is the cold. This condition doesn’t actually pose a thread to anyone’s life and in most cases the body manages to repel it on its own. If you are having a hard time fighting a cold, you may want to try out some healthy soup recipes, as soups are not only good for preventing contagious diseases but they are also a great homemade remedy. Another common contagious disease in the influenza otherwise known as the flu. Modern medicine usually has affordable means of fighting this disease. However if it is not treated properly it can cause more severe complication. Furthermore from time to time certain influenza viruses develop mutations which make it harder to treat. Other common contagious diseases are the ringworm, strep throat, giardiasis or hepatitis. Some of these diseases are very troublesome as they have misleading symptoms. For example, strep throat is often mistaken for a common sore throat. Before you rush to home remedies, you should be certain that you know with which condition you are dealing with. If you ever have symptoms that could be associated with strep throat, visit in order to learn how this condition is manifested and whether or not you can treat it yourself.