Ten Reasons to Quit Alcohol, Right Now!

Posted on Nov 29, 2016 in Health

It is a common assumption that unless you are actively thinking about checking yourself into one of the local residential rehab centres for alcoholics, you don’t really have a drinking problem. In reality though, research has proven that an overwhelming part of adults have fallen into detrimental drinking habits that are anything but healthy or advisable. Recommended weekly and daily intake guidelines are there for a reason, although it has become obvious that very few people actually pay any attention to them.

The problem is though, anyone who makes to effort to stop drinking even for a few months will quickly realise they are benefitting from a huge array of advantages they might have entirely forgotten about. So while it might seem like an extraordinary challenge, what follows is a short overview of ten fantastic reason to think about quitting alcohol, even if to see what you have been missing on:

1 – No Memory Blanks

First up, there is hardly anything more unpleasant than waking up the morning after and experiencing little to no recollection of what you said or did the previous night. Suffice to say, it gets only worse when your friends remind you that you made a fool of yourself – all of which is easily avoided if you stop drinking.

2 – No Hangovers

Let’s face it, if you had the symptoms of a hangover after an evening you had absolutely no drinks, you would probably call an ambulance. So as there is a very easy way of never suffering from a hangover again…well, you can work out the rest.

3 – You’ll Save a Small Fortune

Even if you are the type of person who always does their best to stick to the affordable drinks on offer, alcohol is rarely cheap. This counts double for people who are used to spending money on alcohol every single day – the savings you will make by stopping drinking could be huge.

4 – Fewer Problems

If you consider this point, and you are honest, it’s quite likely there are a number of problems in your present and past life that were triggered entirely due to being intoxicated. Remove alcohol from your life and you eliminate the likelihood of causing a huge variety of avoidable problems.

5 – Your Health Will Thank You

It might take some time for the full effects to become noticeable, but give it time and your body will respond so positively to this new life of sobriety that you might be quite shocked. You will most likely just feel “better” every hour of every day and in every way possible.

6 – Better Social Interactions

Another advantage to sobriety is the way in which it will give you the chance to make much more proactive and informed decisions when it comes to a) the people you choose to be friends with and b) how you yourself spend your time. It’s quite likely whom you hang around with and what you do will be quite different if you were not drunk at the time.

7 – Going Out Sober Will Be Interesting

There is no disputing the fact that to go out sober will be a completely different experience than going out and getting drunk, but it doesn’t mean it will be boring. It is just a case of adopting a different and positive perspective, rather than simply assuming that just because you won’t be drinking, you are not going to have any fun.

8 – You’ll Learn New Things About Your Friends

As already discussed, staying sober for a period of time could be extremely revealing when it comes to your choice of people to spend time with. You will discover many things you like and in some cases things you never even suspected about your friends, which you would have never found out while drunk.

9 – You’ll Realise Going Out Isn’t Everything

If you have been in the habit of going out routinely for some time, it is hard to see staying in as anything other than undesirable. Nonetheless, try it out and involve no alcohol and you might just have an extremely pleasant experience.

10 – You Will Look Better

Last up, the many positive effects of quitting alcohol will have on your personal health will be visible to both you and everybody else. Everything from your vitality to your complexion will take a huge step in the right direction and chances are you’ll look better than you have looked in years.