Symptoms And Treatment For Ringworm

Posted on Feb 9, 2015 in Health

Ringworm is a very common skin condition developed mostly by children. However ringworm can affect people of all ages and it can be quite troublesome unless it is properly treated. Although the name suggests an association with worms, this condition is actually caused by a fungus and therefore it can be easily treated using special antifungal creams or shampoos. However before applying any treatment for ringworm you should understand the cause of this infection in order to be able to prevent it.


Ringworm is basically an infection therefore it strives in worm, dirty and wet places. Like most infections it can easily be transmitted by touching the infected skin area, infected objects or infected pets. Cats are amongst the most common carriers so make sure that you take care of your pet’s hygiene unless you want to be affected by all sorts of infections. Furthermore try to use an antibacterial gel whenever you come in contact with public spaces such as toilets or transportation. Ringworm can appear on various parts of your body such as your beard, body,feet, scalp or even groin area. Furthermore is you are affected by this infection try to avoid contact with other people as a mere touch can facilitate the spreading of the infection.

It is quite easy to detect ringworm as the symptoms are quite obvious and easy to recognize. If you are affected by this infection you will present itchy, red patches with sharply defined edges that blister or ooze. The patches present themselves as a ring looking more red towards the edges and having normal skin tone in the middle. If the hair is affected a person may present bald patches and if the nails are affected they will lose their natural color, they will thicken and might even crumble.

The first treatment for ringworm involves a more disciplined hygiene. Wash your clothes and night sheets on a daily basis until the infection is completely gone. You should also disinfect the objects that constantly touch your skin such as your comb or your cellphone. Wash the affected areas on a daily basis and make sure that you dry your skin thoroughly. If the infection affected the feet or the groins change your socks and underwear as often as possible. Furthermore try to wear loose clothes and make sure that there is no material rubbing on the affected areas. Usually these simple hygiene rules are the most effective treatment for ringworm. It can also be easily treated with over the counter tablets or creams. However if you are dealing with a rather persistent ringworm you should visit your doctor. For scalp ringworm Terbinafine tablets and Griseofulvin have proven to be very effective especially if they are combined with antifungal shampoo while body infections can easily be treated using Itraconazole.