Renovate your medical office – best looks and great accessibility

Posted on Sep 10, 2018 in Health

Being a doctor implies having a perfect image among your patients. You can’t go wrong, not even when it comes to the way your office looks. An office that hasn’t been renovated in a long time won’t look good and the experience might not be pleasurable either for you or the people who have appointments here. You should give your best to make your medical office inviting, to keep it clean and tidy at all times. People are probably tired of seeing the same dull medical offices and some patients are actually developing fears of visiting the doctor because of the atmosphere they find in their offices or in hospitals. This short guide is where you want to start.

Learn about the building

You should first learn more about the building where your office is. In some cases, structural changes can make a great difference. For instance, if too much or too little natural light is getting into your office, the whole experience can turn out to be unpleasant for the patients you have. If too much light is entering the room, go ahead and visit, where experts present the many options you have when it comes to office windows. If too little natural light is getting inside, you should think what lighting options would make the ambiance better. You’d be amazed how visibly structural changes affect the environment in your office. Study the building carefully and you will know exactly what needs to be changed.

Make it accessible for mobility impairments

You are a doctor, so you need to think beyond decor and good looks. Your medical office should be welcoming for people who are struggling with mobility impairments. Start by making the office easy to reach for people who use a wheelchair. Provide enough space for maneuvering the wheelchair, for transferring the patient from a wheelchair to an examination table, include a wheelchair scale at the entrance and so on. Invest in a height-adjustable examination table, even though it is more expensive. Contribute to buying a ceiling lift and sling for the whole building if they are not already available. Set up a reception area outside the office and place way-finding signs to indicate the locations that patients may look for.

Comfort at its best

A doctor’s office should be as comfortable as possible so that patients can feel secure about their medical visit. Don’t hold back when it comes to investing in comfortable furniture. Opt for sofas for the waiting room and chairs for the office itself. Pay attention to finishing touches and choose color schemes that don’t remind patients of a hospital. Avoid greys and whites and select warmer nuances instead. The bathroom should be accessible, clean at all times and handicap-friendly. The costs of renovating a medical office will be considerable, so think about saving money long before doing it or try a business loan if needed. Financial planning is definitely required before such a change and any business owner should deal with it every once in a while.