Regaining Control of Daily Stress

Posted on Jan 31, 2017 in Health

Unfortunate as it might be, stress and anxiety are things that cannot be avoided completely by any of us. To the contrary in fact, stress and anxiety are natural, normal and inevitable parts of living life as a human, which means it’s far more proactive to focus your efforts on coping with stress, rather than trying to prevent it.

Naturally, there is a huge difference between people who are constantly stressed for no apparent reason and those that just find themselves struggling to deal with anxiety from time to time. As far as the best anxiety and addiction counsellors in Canterbury are concerned, any individual affected by stress and anxiety to such a degree that it has largely taken over their whole life should definitely consider expert advice and intervention. For everyone else, it’s simply a case of approaching stress realistically and proactively, in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed during a stressful period.

Dealing with the Cause

For instance, in the majority of cases where stress and anxiety become a problem, it’s been caused by some kind of scenario or problem. And when there is such a problem, there is a solution. Naturally, it might be a complex, difficult or elusive solution, but there’s always a solution nevertheless. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on whatever is causing stress and anxiety, in order to address the issue. Of course, easier said than done, but nonetheless a good place to start.

Get Active

As far as the majority of professionals are concerned, regular physical activity and exercise represent the most effective answer to stress. While this is not to say that exercise will make stress and anxiety vanish into thin air, it could generally work wonders regarding dealing with many of the negative symptoms associated with stress. Physical activity will clear your head, can serve as the perfect outlet for aggression and in general put you in a better position to approach your issues.

Regain Control

Under no circumstances is it a good idea to simply accept that you have lost control over your life and there’s nothing you can do. The reason is that if you do so, you’re basically guaranteed to feel even more anxious and stressed about the things you’re already anxious and stressed about due to feeling hopelessness and helplessness. To the contrary, the feeling of empowerment that will come with regaining control and responsibility for your well-being could in its own right allow you to overcome any stressful situation.

Get Social

Remember that when it comes to anxiety and stress, there is a big difference between speaking about your problems with other people and ranting. While a good rant could be effective regarding taking problems off your chest, these nevertheless usually tend to be one-sided discussions mostly filled with rhetorical statements. Taking the time to rationally and calmly talk about your issues with others can however be extremely beneficial. Not only does it bring comfort to realise you are not the only one living with anxiety and stress, but to gain an objective perspective on your own personal issues is often the key to start seeing the situation in a completely different light.

Pamper Yourself

While you might feel inclined to beat yourself up and try repeatedly to “get a grip”, you might in reality find it significantly more beneficial to pamper yourself. Nowadays, it has become the norm for most people to find any excuse in the world not to treat themselves well, while at the same time giving themselves a hard time and picking fault about their shortcomings. The issue is that when doing so, the result is usually that insignificant and minor problems get blown completely out of proportion. Put simply – learn how to treat yourself well.

Focus on Health

A quick but an important point, you’re much more likely to struggle with anxiety and stress if you’re unhealthy and out of shape. Psychological and physical strength, durability and resilience are completely dependent on good physical health. Therefore, being healthy represents a crucial step in the process.

Seek Professional Help

Last up, it is always worth remembering that there is no such thing as seeking professional advice too early. Even if it’s simply for a friendly chat to explore a number of anxiety-busting techniques, you might find the help of a capable expert genuinely priceless.