Reasons to consider indoor air-quality testing

Posted on Nov 27, 2016 in Health


Recent researches have shown that indoor air is more polluted than the outside one in certain cities. Depending on the area you find yourself in you might find it useful to hire a team of professionals for indoor air quality testing purposes. You might be surprised by the amount of allergens and polluting agents present in your entire house and ventilating system. If you want to prevent a series of respiratory problems or other health conditions, you certainly want to repeat the process a couple times a year. However, below are some reasons you might want to have your indoor air tested.

1. Mildew and mould cause serious health problems

Maybe the worst air-polluting element present in the large majority of homes worldwide is fungi. Found in many forms, they are guilty for a series of health conditions. From asthma, to wheezing, skin irritations, mildew and mould are present in humid environments, like your bathroom or ventilating systems. Basements are also favourable places for fungi to appear and develop. In numerous cases, home inhabitants suffered from serious health conditions with apparent no reason. After air-quality testing their homes, they concluded that fungi or various other allergens caused their issues. If you want to have a closer look on the spectrum of health conditions such elements cause, we can name asthma, nasal stuffiness, severe allergies, watery eyes and runny nose. If your house is positive to fungi, you must get rid of it. Luckily, some teams also provide solutions for their customers as well. After that, you must pay great attention to the way you care for your home and appliances, because fungi can easily develop inside your refrigerator, for example. A weekly throughout cleaning process must be adopted. Pay attention to carpets, window frames, coffee brewer and your plumbing system. This sneaky enemy is so versatile. It will develop in any moist environment possible.

2. Pesticides can put your and you family’s life in danger

If you recently had a pest problem with your house, you most certainly used pesticides to get rid of it. However, like any other chemical compound, the remains of those pesticides can harm your health as well as your entire family’s health. Small children and elder are prone to react more violent towards such elements. Additionally, if you still have left some pesticides somewhere inside your house, like the garage, you might want to throw those away. Their containers might seem properly sealed, but they surely aren’t. Once you open a container, it’s content, oftentimes volatile, will get lost.

3. Asbestos might be fireproof, but it is also dangerous

Used to fireproof our homes, asbestos is maybe one of the most dangerous compounds you are inviting into our houses willingly. However, modern day houses are built from alternative materials and they don’t represent a danger at all. If you want to see if your inside air is filled with this element, our advice would be to have it tested.

Here are some reasons you might want to consider to perform periodically an air-quality test inside your house.