Prepare for your child’s first visit to a family dentist

Posted on Jan 25, 2016 in Health

Children’s teeth health is highly important for any parent this is for sure. However, many children that have to go for the first time to a dental clinic are scared and start begging their parents not to go. Experts who have studied this matter say that a parent can help their child overcome this fear for dentists in many ways, and one good method is to resort to one of the best Ottawa family dentist in the region. All you have to do is some quick research on the Internet in order to determine what dentist to choose.

Start from an early age

One of the best methods to overcome children’s fear for dentists is to start visiting dental clinics from an early age. Even though you believe it might not be necessary to go to the dentist at the age of four or five years old for instance, this is not true. Children should be brought to a family dentist as soon as possible, because in this way they would not be afraid of dentists anymore, no matter how many times they need to go.

Do play roles at home

Before their first visit to a dental clinic, it is advisable to do some play roles at home. Let the child be the dentist and consult you if you see this gives him or her courage and confidence. If the child puts himself or herself in the dentist’s boots, then that child understands better how the dentist behaves and might not be as scared of the first visit as before.

Resort to a meet and greet visit first

A good solution is to go to a meet and greet visit at the dental clinic one or two days before the actual check-up. This way, the child gets accustomed to both the personnel and the consultation room. Seeing all those instruments and feeling that blinding light the same day as the check-up can definitely scare the child, this is why it is recommended to visit the clinic few days prior to the big day. Let the child sit on the chair and learn what will happen the day when he actually has to come and be consulted. This way, he knows what to expect.

Overall, these are only a few tips parents should take into account when preparing for their child’s first visit to the family dentist. Even though this might be difficult for their children, parents should remember that their children’s teeth health is very important.