Possible Side Effects of Eyelash Growth Serum Products

Posted on May 11, 2014 in Health

Longer and bulkier eyelashes are the dream of many women who spend billions of dollars each year on products for eyelash growth in order to highlight the beauty of their eyes. Mascara and false eyelashes are just two examples that can offer you bigger and thicker eyelashes, but what about the products that promise the growth of your eyelashes? How efficient and especially how safe are these products for your eyes? Here are some of the possible side effects of eyelash growth serum products.

Take care when using eyelash growth serum

If you ever want to try a product designed for lash growth, you should consider that the area where you ant to apply the product, namely the eyelid, is a very sensitive and delicate area and a small amount of product can even reach your eyes. This is why it is important for you to know the restrictions of applying some ingredients on the eyes’ area and do not use any type of medicine or serum without first asking your ophthalmologist’s opinion.

The side effects of Latisse eyelash growth serum

Latisse is a medical product designed for eyelash growth which consists of an important ingredient called bimatoprost 0.o3%, which is the most efficient tested ingredient in terms of lash growth. According to eyelashgrowthserum.reviews, this is one of the best lash growth serum. However, the same website that recommends it, also admonishes against the possible side effects of this product. Like any other prescription drug, there are risks and side effects. If you use Latisse, you may experience itching, swelling, burning and redness of the eyes. A more serious, but rare side effect, is the increased blood flow in capillaries of the eyeball and a more obvious aspect. It can darken the skin under the eye or the eyelid, which is a reversible side effect, but in rare cases, the color can remain indefinitely. Although not reflected in clinical trials, it was reported that Latisse may also cause brown pigmentation of the iris which is the colored part of the eye, a change that seems to be permanent. All these risks are exacerbated if someone buys Latisse or what they believe to be Latisse on the internet or without a prescription. You may wonder why this product is approved when it comes with so many side effects. Well, for starters, it can only be used when prescribed by the doctor. Moreover, it is not really used as a plain lash growth serum, but as a treatment for medical conditions which create uncommon hair growth patterns on the lashes and the eyebrows.

The side effects of Rapidlash eyelash growth serum

Unlike other eyelash growth serums, Rapidlash does not contain harmful ingredients such as prostaglandin or parabens, but it does consist a derivative of prostaglandin which is normally used to treat Glaucoma. Given that Rapidlash has a composition similar to Latisse, it may have the same side effects, such as stinging or burning, redness at the application, and possible discoloration of the iris. Some users stated that their vision suffered blurring after using Rapidlash, which could lead to blindness. All these side effect can be reduced by carefully and correctly applying the product to the eyelashes using a brush.