Playing social netball – the lesser known health benefits

Posted on Jan 30, 2017 in Health


Netball has become a very popular sport, especially among children and teens. The popularity gained is mostly linked to the social benefits offered, but there are other health-related advantages that revolve around this type of game. When searching online for where to play social netball in London, you will see the variety of offers available, so finding a team or a league will be an easy task. However, what exactly can this sport offer, and why should you or your kids start playing it with regularity? The following details might help you reach a conclusion

Metal focus and confidence

Not all sports come with metal health benefits alongside physical ones. Well, netball is one of the few games that can influence player’s mental health in a positive way. The first thing that this sport can do for you is helping improve mental focus. Having difficulties focusing is a problem among both children and adults, and it can be rather hard to fix. Well, studies have shown that netball can have that role. Moreover, because it values competition and victories, improving self-confidence is also an effect of this game. Self-confidence improvement is relevant among teens for example, who find it hard to express their personality. Playing netball will regularity will allow you to become a more confident person without you realizing it at first.

Improving muscle strength

One proven physical health benefit of this game is a muscle strength improvement. Because this type of sport challenges your body in pushing its limits, and determines you to exercise without actually feeling pressured, over time your upper body and arm muscles will become stronger.

Boosting flexibility and agility

A flexibility and agility boost is always welcomed, and this is why exercising with regularity is necessary. In terms of developing agility and becoming more flexible, netball can really do wonders. Because you constantly have to change direction and pace during a match, your body will automatically become more agile and flexible over time. Moreover, this type of sport can also function as a great cardiovascular workout.

Although being played mostly for fun, netball has to offer some health benefits as well. Now that you know what this type of sport can bring, perhaps you will give it more of your consideration, either for you personally or for your children. Moreover, finding a league in an area nearby is not that difficult, you can just look for information on the internet.