Playing golf is good for your mind and body

Posted on Jan 20, 2017 in Health

More often than not people play golf to test their strength in the presence of others. The truth is that no other sport that provides an intimate experience like golf. The eighteen holes game is viewed largely as a leisure activity and a man’s game, not an extreme activity. According to health experts, the club and ball sport can be good for your mind and body too. It has many health benefits for those who play it, being just as good as other forms of exercise. If you want to boost your health, you should apply for a flexible golf membership. No matter what your handicap is, you will have a great deal of fun and get a good amount of exercise. Here are some of the benefits of playing this club and ball sport.

Golf can help you get outdoors

The nature itself of the eighteen holes game requires players to be outside. It is needless to say that getting outdoors is good for the mind and body. Golfing is a social activity, so you will have the chance to interact with others who share the same passion as you. On the field, it will be much easier to make friends and stay connected to the people around you. Socialising will increase your self-esteem and ultimate make you happier. Spending time outdoors will do wonders for your health too because your body absorbs vitamin D, which is responsible for improving attitude, facilitating calcium absorption, and generating cell growth.

Playing golf improves your cardiovascular health

Hitting the ball into a series of holes will get your heart rate up. Well, swinging the club will not actually get your heart pumping the way hard-core physical activities do, it is still a good form of exercise. Virtually any form of exercise that induces adrenaline release stimulates blood circulation. Even walking form hole to hole will get the blood pumping to your heart. Walking and carrying the clubs increases your heart rate, which in turn decreases the risk of bad cholesterol.

Your focus is sharpened on the golf course

For casual viewers, the eighteen holes game is nothing more than a leisure activity. Yet, of you play a round of golf, you will see that this activity is more than that. While it is true that you will not spend as much energy as you would, you need to be just as focused. What you have to do is focus on the ball and imagine your swing. You are improving your brain’s concentration. As with football, concentration is crucial because you are bombarded by many internal and external stimuli, not to mention thoughts.