Playing five a side football – what to expect

Posted on May 10, 2016 in Health

Football is definitely one of the most popular sports in the world. People are going crazy each time legendary competitions and matches are organized, and these have become actual international events of the year. In addition to this, a lot of individuals have chosen to play this sport as a leisure activity, to enjoy the company of their friends. A weekly match is a great exercise that will help you stay in good physical shape. So, if you are up for some physical activity but you think a large football field is just too much for you, then you should try five a side football. Check for more details and book a field. This variation involves five players instead of eleven and is a great alternative to the traditional game, although it is slightly different. For example, matches are played indoors on a synthetic field. As you can see, although people consider it is the same thing, there are certain distinctions you have to be aware of before going out on the field. Here is what to expect if you are willing to give this sport a shot:

There are different rules

Of course, football is still football, but you may be surprised to find out that certain rules are quite distinct from those you may already know. For instance, the penalty area is different: it does not have a square shape but a same semi-circular form and only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball inside it. Furthermore, they can pass the ball out to their team mates using exclusively their hands, except when they are making a save – only then they are allowed to kick it. In addition to this, there are no offside regulations, yellow cards are given for different reasons, but red cards work in the same way as usual.

Equipment restrictions

Given the fact that the field is smaller and there are fewer players, accidents can happen more easily in five a side football. For this reason, there are certain limitations in terms of equipment: players are not allowed to wear metal studded boots or blades. Besides safety, this measure is also intended to protect the fields, which may get damaged by hard objects and pieces of equipment. Sometimes, players are even asked to wear shin guards, but this is not a general rule.


Unlike traditional football, the five a side variation is most of the times played informally and there are no strict competitions. As a consequence, all regulations are more flexible and the players often have a say when it comes to establishing the rules. The guidelines are sometimes discussed right before stating the game and if everyone agrees on one pattern, the players have to obey. Of course, there is a full list of laws for five a side football, but these can often be changed according to players’ will and the referee’s decisions.