Physical therapy after knee surgery – is it helpful?

Posted on Jan 24, 2017 in Health


Dealing with chronic pain is something that can truly affect your quality of life, and surgery might be the solution to your problem. Even if undergoing a knee surgery is not an exciting prospect, it will allow you to reach the goal of overcoming your pain. However, although surgery can solve the pain factor, the recovery process will not be an easy one. Resorting to a reputable physical therapy clinic, such as, could prove to be necessary from various reasons. Read the following details and you will understand how a therapist can help you:

Physical therapy promotes healing

The first thing you should know about physical therapy is that it promotes healing. In some situations, the body might not heal in a proper way after an operation, aspect that can led to further complications. This is the reason why doctors always recommend this form of therapy after the completion of a surgery. Retraining muscle or minimizing scar tissue are only a few of the things that a therapist can help you obtain. You will not only feel better, but your body will function better and heal faster.

Becoming active again

After a complicated knee surgery it will take you some time until you will manage to regain mobility. Not being able to walk normally can quickly become frustrating, and without the right form of rehabilitation, it might seem like an eternity until you will be able to move around on your own. Well, physical therapy is a great way of becoming active once again, and you will notice mobility improvements only after a few sessions. Without effort and implication, being able to walk normally will take far more time, so do not let surgery affect your life even further, and choose to see a specialist.

Obtaining a faster recovery

Becoming fully recovered can take more time for some and less for others, depending on lifestyle, the complexity of knee surgery, age and so on. However, regardless of the particularities of your situation, one thing is certain, through physical therapy obtaining a faster recovery is guaranteed. Rehabilitation will push your body to recover much quicker than it normally would on its own. You probably want to jump out of bed as soon as possible, and physical treatment will help you obtain that.

Helping circulation

Without exercising as often as you are used to, circulation issues can quickly arise. If you are avoiding movement, and you are not being active, you might end up having problems with blood clots, which is probably something you want to avoid. Physical rehabilitation will prevent that from occurring, if you are persistent with your rehabilitation. 

Due to the long recovery period that a knee surgery involves, all specialist recommend patients to start physical therapy. Now that you understand exactly why this practice is relevant for surgery patients, perhaps you will give the topic more consideration, and you will resort to a clinic yourself. When you have the possibility of restoring normality back in your life much faster through therapy, why not take advantage of it? Look online for the ideal practitioner, and start your sessions.