People who do not want to go to doctor use excuses – find the truth behind them

Posted on Mar 17, 2017 in Health

Believe it or not, negligence is one of the main problems when it comes to many medical issues. For example, there are cases when people have problems with their feet, but they prefer making excuses, instead of going to doctor. Here is a list with the most common of them, when it comes to going to foot or ankle aliment and the reason why you should avoid them.

“My foot does not hurt so badly! I do not need a doctor”

No matter if the pain is intense or not, there is an unwritten rule which says that you should see a doctor or visit a specialized clinic. Only good experts are the ones who can decide if you should take a treatment or not. In case you cannot find a reliable clinic, you should search for, which is famous for its good reputation. The experts from Alps Road Family Foot and Ankle say that even if the problem is not severe, it can become worst, if you do not treat it on time.

“I am too afraid to go to doctor!”

Being afraid is something normal, according to specialists. You are not afraid of the therapy or treatment, but the idea of not knowing what is going to happen probably scares you most. Let’s say for example that you suffer from arthritis. It is known as an inflammation of joints which can cause you a really bad pain. You cannot identify the causes on your own, but if you go to a clinic, things can be quite simple. Also, do not believe that if you are a man you cannot suffer from such affection. It is true that arthritis is more common in women than men, but there are also exceptions. On the other hand, it is important to note that the symptoms of arthritis also develop in time. Thus, you should invest in prevention, even if it scares you a little.

“I can apply my own treatments. I do not need a doctor”.

Even if this is the 21th century, there are many people who still believe in miraculous treatments that they find on the Internet. It is a good thing that you like doing your own research, but it you should be a down to earth person and understand that you do not have the necessary skills for treating a pain. What is more, specialists say that even doctors go seeing other doctors, when they have a medical problem.

“If I go to a specialized clinic, I will have to pay for a lot of money”

This is just an excuse. There are specialists who know that in most of the cases you have a limited budget and you also have to pay for many things. Thus, they offer you some promotions that you should use for getting the right treatment. In case they do not, you can ask paying by installments.

“I cannot find the necessary time to go to such clinic”

When it comes to health, you should be able to make time. Just try to understand which the consequences of avoiding this thing are. For example, if your legs hurt a lot, you cannot do anything. You are not able to walk, work, run, drive your car or other similar activities.