Losing Weight after a C-Section

Posted on Dec 20, 2015 in Health

Many women nowadays choose to have a C-section when they deliver their baby, and after that, they face with the fact that they are not able to practice sport for a long period. They also want to lose weight but they are not allowed to exercise in this period. Women do not know that they can get back in shape by practicing yoga. Many specialists recommend women to follow yoga classes as the ones provided by spynga, post-cesarean. They can benefit from multiple advantages when they practice these exercises.

Benefits of yoga exercises

The pregnancy and the C-section put a lot of pressure on their body, and this has as result a lot of pain. Specialists in post-pregnancy state that practicing yoga helps new moms to recover and relieves their lower back pain. It also comforts the strained muscles from hip, legs, shoulders and arms. After a pregnancy, many women have a wrong body posture, and if they regularly practice yoga after delivering, they will benefit from an improved posture, because it will help at relieving the stiffness of their joints. Yoga helps new moms to deal with pregnancy weight, which is extremely difficult to lose when they have a C-section. If they practice yoga, they will find it a gradual way of reducing weight and toning their muscles. These exercises are the ideal way to reduce the extra fat from their belly region, but they should avoid strenuous poses.

Tips on reducing belly fat

After a C-section, women should not push themselves too hard to get a flat stomach. They should give their body time to recover, and they should keep their patience. They can start by having a low-fat diet, and include vitamins, proteins and minerals in their diet. They should drink a lot of water after having a C-section, because it will help at maintaining the body fluid and melting the excess fat. Specialists recommend breastfeeding the baby at least 6 months, because this is an effective way of losing belly fat. They can replace the intense workout with yoga, especially pranayama, because it will help them have firmer muscles and this will have as result a flatter tummy. They should also have an abdominal belt, and they should wear it all the time, except when they sleep, have their meals or go to the washroom. Following these steps and practicing yoga regularly will help women get in shape after having a C-section.

Tips for toning your legs

Aside from the belly fat, the flabby thighs are the next concern of new mums who want to regain their figure. Toning your body requires more effort than burning fat, so toning your legs will also require more effort. However, serious workouts should not be performed unless you are fully healed. Once you are healed you can try toning your legs by jogging or by jump rope. You can achieve faster results if you perform these activities while wearing some ankle weights. On the weighted.clothing website, you can find the 2016 top 10 ankle weights reviews, so that you can analyze the best ankle weights of the moment and choose the most convenient ones. This website also has reviews of other pieces of weighted clothing and you should definitely consider them, as weighted clothing can help you achieve faster results in any type of workout.

These are the best ways to regain your figure after giving birth. As you can see, things are a little more complicated for women who gave birth through a C-section, but with patience and perseverance, you will eventually get your lean body back.