Lewy body dementia

Posted on Sep 25, 2014 in Health

What doctors understand through lewy body dementia is a disease similar with the notorious Alzheimer and Parkinson. As the name says it, there are lewy bodies that are included in your body and certain proteins that appear in your neuronal structure and it is common to almost 1.3 million people in the USA.

It appears that there is a bigger resemblance between Lewy bodies and Parkinson and it can be explained through the lack of cholinergic neurons. They are responsible for the wrong functionality of the cognitive structure, the reduction of dopaminergic neurons and thus the control over the movements is lost. The treatments for these diseases have proved to be quite inefficient so far as they can only slow down the progression of this medical condition. However there are a few clinical trials that show extreme promises. Still before choosing any of them, a patient should do some research in order to avoid clinical negligence. You can learn more about this by visiting medicalnegligenceblog.com. After all, a person suffering from this condition has enough problems without having to deal with clinical negligence. As you will see from the rest of the article the symptoms are very serious and disturbing.

Among the symptoms of lewy body dementia there is a fluctuation that occurs in the cognitive function. There are moments and hours during every day when the patient loses its memory and there may occur even hallucinations. There are over 75% patients that happen to suffer from these hallucinations, after having been detected with lewy body dementia. In case there is anything wrong with your sleep, particularly during the rapid eye movement stage, it may be likely to be a symptom of this disease.

The hallucinations can be related to animals or people which are not there in reality or misperceptions. There are cases when the patient is aware of the fact that there is nothing real and he simply makes fun of what he sees, but there are also cases when he is worried and feels threatened. Double vision or confusions are common to people with this disease and if some of the situations are not that annoying, in many times, the patients find it difficult to adapt with.

As far as the causes for Lewy body dementia are concerned, there appears to be a connection with a genetic element. Thus, it means that this disease is transmitted hereditary through the park11 gene and one cannot prevent it from moving on.

There are certain cytoplasmic elements that are developed into the brain and which are called Lewy bodies. The next step is the reduction of the neurons that create dopamine and those that are responsible for the level of acetylcholine.

Even though there are resemblances between lewy body dementia, Alzheimer and Parkinson, the doctors specialized in this field of medicine have found several differences among these three and in order to understand them, you need to find out specific information about each one. You can start with Alzheimer and Parkinson and only after can you start looking up for lewy body dementia. It is easier to understand what it refers to, once that you know about the first two diseases.