Learning about fibromyalgia treatment options

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 in Health

After osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia is without any doubt one of the most common disorders that cause muscle pains. Despite the fact that fibromyalgia is a frequently encountered condition, it triggers somewhat confusion among patients and doctors alike. One of the reasons why this muscoskeletal disease is not easily diagnosed is that it includes muscle pain and fatigue, which are features that can be attributed to a large number of diseases. What is even more puzzling is the treatment for the illness. There are many treatments for fibromyalgia symptoms, but there is no guarantee that one that worked for a patient will work for another one as well. If you are looking for a fibromyalgia treatment, you may want to consider the following options. See for yourself just how good you will feel after having tried them.


Fibromyalgia is a painful condition to say at the very least, making it harder for people suffering from it to get out of bed. A large number of medications are used in order to treat the symptoms and implicitly help patients cope with the pain. It is obvious that healthcare professionals will first prescribe painkillers. Although you have access to over-the-counter pills, it is advisable to get medication that is suitable for your particular disease. Medicines for fibromyalgia pain relief are more effective, yet they are dangerous because with time you become addictive to them. Antidepressants are commonly used to relieve fatigue and trigger sleep. Last but not least, it is important to make mention of muscle relaxers and anticonvulsants.

A team approach

A multidisciplinary team effort could be what you need in order to get well. What you should keep in mind is the fact that fibromyalgia is a serious medical condition that often requires a group approach. This practically implies patient education, exercise, the use of selective medications and natural therapies. The team can either include your doctor or health care professionals. The presence of a physician is mandatory though due to the fact that the treatment regimen should be supervised. A good place to start looking for treatment is a metabolic care clinic. One of the goals of such a healthcare facility is to treat dysfunctions by all means.

Natural remedies

If you are experiencing pain and muscle stiffness, you should take into consideration natural treatments as well. By natural remedies it is understood not using conventional drugs, but rather purchasing olive oil that is rich in antioxidants and reducing anxiety and stress. Diet is not to be neglected because it can actually trigger some annoying symptoms. To be more precise, food plays an important role in this illness and this is the reason why you should consider making some drastic changes. You can start by eliminating gluten. This protein found in most grains can lead to inflammation and even muscle pain. Dairy products should be eliminated as well. Other foods can have harmful effects and what you should be doing is keeping a food diary. Not what you eat and how you feel afterwards.