Interesting facts about laser hair removal

Posted on Sep 19, 2015 in Health

In modern society, the only strands of hair that people desire to see are on the head. It is unacceptable to have follicles on other parts of the body and those who do are viewed both as unattractive and careless. In the pursuit of eliminating unwanted follicles, people are willing to try no matter what treatment. Even though traditional methods such as shaving, depilatory creams and wax are affordable and effective, women especially are constantly searching for solutions of eliminating unwanted threads. The aforementioned methods of depilation are no doubt fast, but the process has to be repeated regularly for impressive. The latest trend in depilation is permanent hair removal Toronto. The procedure is being used more and more frequently by women who desire silky feet and is not at all new in cosmetic. If you too are considering this treatment, you should be aware of the following.

What does laser hair removal imply?

The procedure consists in destroying the follicles by directing the laser beam at them. When the follicle is exposed to the laser beam, it absorbs the energy, in other words the heat, and the pigment molecules are destroyed. This process permanently removes the hair because the follicle is eliminated from the root. The difference between laser removal and waxing or shaving is that the latter do not penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. However, the procedure is not recommended for those who have dark skin, but rather for those with light pigmentation. The pigment of dark skin tends to absorb the energy of the laser and the follicles become inflamed.


The reason the cosmetic procedure is beloved is that it is not time-consuming. On the contrary, performing it takes less time than waxing or shaving. At present, many people have busy schedules and consequently they are always in a hurry. Taking into consideration that they cannot afford to waste much time on just one activity, the services that companies provide have to be lasting and quick. Electrolysis, for example, provides the same level of effectiveness, but they require regular visits to the physician. As long as the procedure is performed using the right techniques and equipment is it completely safe and it is one of the few approved by the FDA. Compared to other methods, it is also painless. Shaving, not to mention waxing, are both painful and cause skin inflammation. The greatest advantage is that laser removal stops the follicle growth and in some areas, they don’t grow back at all.

The downside of laser hair removal

Although the results are long lasting, the hair will eventually grow back. During the treatment, only the active follicles are targeted and these do not grow back. Thus, for permanent results you will be requires to undergo several sessions. Moreover, you should be aware that there are possible side effects that can occur such as inflammation of the skin and itchiness. Others include burnt skin, discoloration and even infections. The appearance of these conditions is determined by the level of sensitivity and each person has a different one. This means that if one person gets red skin, you will to.