How does giving your employees health benefits work in your advantage?

Posted on Apr 5, 2017 in Health


As a general rule, companies that give their employees’ health benefits seem to be more profitable and have higher success rates overall. First, there comes the fact that the employees of those particular companies feel more valued and are willing to put more effort in accomplishing the company’s goals. Verified data shows that these employees are also willing to spend more time in the company and remain loyal for longer. There are more packages of medical benefits a company could offer to their employees. Most common are dental services, mental health counselling, therapy, and other similar benefits. However, the best approach is to offer wide coverage health screening benefits like those you can find at Besides the increased moral your employees will have by having access to such medical benefits, there are plenty of others, as it follows.

Corporate health screening services are a cost effective option

Prevention is better than cure, right? And it is cost effective as well. The thinking behind this is quite straightforward. If you employees are taking less sick days, they will be more productive. Small extras like blood pressure checks, cholesterol and blood sugar, as well as a couple of therapy sessions per year might help you prevent most of the days off taken in general by employees. If they are aware about a medical issue from its incipient stages, they are very likely to treat and monitor it properly and avoid unexpected off days due to sickness. This, of course, will make your enterprise more profitable.

Finding the perfect solution for your company is advisable

You can research your options online before deciding and if you are interested in such services for your employees, you can click this Wikipedia link. However, finding the perfect balance is necessary. Instead of opting for the basic health package for your employees, you could add some little extras, such as regular blood pressure check, blood sugar and others, and for those employees suffering from chronic diseases, you could include specific checks that might be necessary for preserving proper health. Preventive medicine works wonders, but if one needs specific care, it is necessary to find a great centre with highly trained health advisors.

What should these health-screening advantages include to be effective?

There are a couple of specific tests you should include for your employees in order to have the previously mentioned benefits.

  • Lung functioning testing
  • Cholesterol levels
  • ECG, in order to identify possible heart associated diseases. Your employees will be checked for abnormal rhythm and identify possible causes of unexplained chest pains.
  • Blood glucose levels
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Vision testing
  • BMI tests that might indicate improper weight and recommend for further investigations.
  • A throughout analysis of the family health history in the presence of highly skilled health advisors.

Including health-screening services for your employees might benefit your company more than you might initially think. Also, happy employees are easier to please, after all!