How can physiotherapy help manage MS

Posted on Jun 30, 2015 in Health

The expansion of multiple sclerosis among young adults is becoming more and more rapid, fact which has started to concern many specialists due to the effects of this particular illness on the body. The fact is that this degenerative disease develops in people at an early age and the fast progression of the illness can lead to the total disability of the person that suffers from MS if not diagnosed in time. Centers such as Pro Care Physiotherapy are dedicated to help patients regain physical mobility. Physiotherapy is an alternative form of treatment that really helps to improve symptoms and regain muscle control.

MS symptoms

Classic symptoms of multiple sclerosis can manifest at very early ages and this is the reason for which the disease is of serious concern is the fact that the manifestation of the disease cannot be predicted and the symptoms can fluctuate from one month to another. In addition to this, each individual person manifests different symptoms. MS is an autoimmune disease, which basically means that the brain mistakes healthy body parts for intruders and starts to attack them. This happens because the nerves begin to slowly degenerate. In some cases the progression of the condition is so fast that recovery is not an option any more.

Why go see a physical therapist

Physical therapy uses mostly exercise in order to stimulate flexibility of the muscles and to give the person a chance to regain some part of his physical activity. Due to the fact that the nerves in the brain degenerate, the brain cannot control the body movements anymore. What physiotherapy does is to implement a long term program that is destined to help people regain their functionality. Generally speaking, every hospital has physiotherapists that specialize in treating MS. However, a physical treatment will only be carried out after the diagnosis and recommendation of the doctor. A visit to the therapist can be beneficial in the sense that it will help with balance problems and bad coordination, not to mention the fact that physiotherapy is also good for relieving pain.

Treatment plan

The rehabilitation plan is structured so as to target the different stages of multiple sclerosis. In the beginning, the specialist will have to evaluate the condition of the patient and his general abilities so as to be able to figure out his/her limitations. Usually, physiotherapy is indicated for more advanced stages of MS. Given that many people suffer constant relapses, they lose their ability to perform everyday tasks. After only a few sessions, the patient will be able to get back some flexibility. The difficulty is represented by those who are in advanced stages and have lost the ability to move to the point that they go around with the help of a wheelchair. With the right type of exercise, these people can learn to sit straight and learn to use mobility aids.

In conclusion, the type of treatment depends on each case but there has been proof that physical exercise has visible effects on neurological conditions such as this. Physiotherapy is highly recommended in order to manage pain and increase the body activity so as not to get into other complications like contracture. Exercise really helps regain muscle strength and helps patients live a much normal life.