How an insulated house improves the quality of your life

Posted on Jul 26, 2016 in Health

You might have heard that the majority of the people you know have insulated their homes in the last years, and you do not know if you should do the same. You might have talked with them, and asked them how their life changed after they insulated their houses, but some of them would not be able to tell you, because they get accustomed with the benefits, and they are not able to notice them. However, some of them might tell you that the quality of their life improved since they have chosen this option, and they might even offer you some examples. There are different options when it comes to house insulation, but spray foam in Canada seems to be one of the most used methods.

Avoid developing chronic diseases

Specialists state that a poorly insulated house is an environment, which eases the development of different chronic diseases. Because the space is not properly insulated, different exterior factors might get in, and affect the health of you and your family. You might have noticed that you or one of your family members experience long time health conditions and you cannot figure out what their cause might be. Well, you should know that some of the conditions, like bronchitis, asthma, infections skin diseases and rheumatic fever, have as causes a poorly insulated house, so you should not have second thoughts, before talking with a specialised company, to come and insulate your house.

Insulation decreases the risk of mould growth

It is widely known that one of the benefits of insulation is that it keeps your house dryer and warmer, so it would not be a proper environment for the mould to grow. People do not even know of the presence of mould in their houses, because the majority of types do not smell and are hidden behind walls. However, as the mould grows behind surfaces your health would slowly deteriorate, and you would not be able to find its cause. Nevertheless, when you insulate your property, you can be sure that you are not living in a damp space that allows mildew and mould to grow. In addition, if inside your house is cold, and it features these unwanted guests you might experience serious health problems.

Insulation keeps your house warm

As stated before, insulation would raise the temperature in your house, and this leads to health improvement. There are studies, which show that the persons, who are staying in a house where the temperature is below 18 º C, suffer more often from asthma, colds and bronchitis. Also, you should know that the persons who have their houses poorly insulated are likely to report more sick days, and this is not desirable. When you take a look at all these aspects, you understand that insulating your house is not only an effective investment for the property, but it also improves the quality of your life, because it helps you and your family keep your health, and even improve it.