Healthy house, healthy life – how to improve the indoor air quality

Posted on May 18, 2017 in Health


Everyone wants to live a happy and healthy life, this is for sure. However, there are some things that can seriously affect the quality of life and the health of everyone living in your house, including you and in most cases it is about low quality of indoor air. If you are interested in purchasing an air purifier, you should first consider reading some reviews on websites such as Below in this article you will find some very useful tips to help you improve indoor air quality in your house.

Air purifiers are a must

One of the things you have to consider in order to benefit from better air quality in your house is investing in an air purifier. Contrary to what many people believe, these appliances are extremely efficient and they can actually clean the indoor air of pollutants and allergens. However, in order to provide top quality services and to be truly effective, it is essential to consider some things when buying an air purifier and one of the most important things is the square footage. Depending on the area the air purifier is capable to cover, it can reduce the concentration of air pollutants up to 99% if the square footage is large enough.

Other features one may want to consider is whether or not they want the air purifier to come equipped with UV light, shut-off timer or filter life indicator for instance. Keep in mind that there is a variety of air purifiers available on the market, which means that you have to do detailed online research in order to find the best provider and the best air purifier to fit your budget and needs.

Ventilation must be improved

An air purifier is surely recommended for every house owner to have, but these devices will not be able to do everything themselves if house ventilation is of poor quality as well. It is important to bring fresh air into your home and expel the contaminated one and the easiest way to do so is to throw open your windows whenever there is good weather outside. Bathroom and kitchen ventilation systems are to be used on a regular basis in order to maintain an optimum level of air quality.

Consider some methods of source control

Air purifiers and proper ventilation systems are definitely of great help in maintaining the indoor air quality to a good level, but sometimes the right method to handle pollution is to actually cut it off at the source. The best example here is to stop smoking inside the house. Not only the air in the house will be a lot cleaner, but your house will also smell fresher and better, not to mention that the other family members living in the house will not have to deal with “second-hand smoking” anymore.

Mould and mildew are two of the most common sources of pollution-causing pests. Humidity level is kept extremely low and this can have some serious consequences on both your house and your health. It is essential to have the house tested for mould, radon, and other pollutants every once in a while to ensure the air in the house is clean and healthy.