Health repercussions of indoor mould

Posted on Jan 23, 2016 in Health

When it comes to mould problems, the first thing people think about is that it may cause certain damage to the integrity of the wall and ceiling structure. Even though this might be one of the repercussions, dealing with indoor mould can lead to other more serious problems as well. People exposed for a long period of time to mould can start suffering from certain health issues. Mould can lead to a verity of health conditions, more or less serious. The gravity of a health problem varies from one person to another and it mainly depends on the immune system. The people who are more likely to be affected quickly are the elderly and children, but anyone with a weak immune system can deal with health issues.

Developing allergies

Fungal allergens are the most common cause that lead to the appearance of certain respiratory problems and allergies. Studies have been conducted that show people who have been exposed on a daily basis to mold for a certain period of time have developed allergies. The medical community that deals with mould studies have come to the conclusion that damp environments and thus mold, has caused many people of various ages to develop allergy problems. The respiratory diseases caused by damp indoor environments can lead to more serious repercussions, such as asthma. Living in a house contaminated with fungi can not only cause the appearance of asthma but it also increases its severity for those who are already suffering from it.

Dysfunctions of the immune system

Medical researchers have concluded that mould exposure can cause certain immune system dysfunctions. Indoor fungi leads to an overall weaken immune system, and even though it might not cause severe problems that cannot be treated, being exposed on daily basis to indoor mould is certainly not safe, making you more sensitive to illnesses.

Infections and irritation

Perhaps the most common health related issues that are linked to indoor mold are skin and eye irritation and other infections as well. Depending on the fungi’s level of toxicity, the gravity of a skin irritation can vary. From a simple rash to a more sever skin problems, mould is a critical factor that leads to this type of problems.

How to avoid fungi related health issue?

Due to the many complications that mould can bring in your life, preventing all of these issues from happening is possible if you are careful enough. If you have noticed signs of mould growing on any of your walls, ceiling or floor, then it is time to call a professional to take care of the problem before it expands. Any signs of humidity or dampness around the house should be a clear indicator that a fungi can start growing. Mould can be present in your home even without any visible signs or smell, so resorting to a professional inspection is recommended in any situation. Just look for a team of specialists that can spot any possible mould issues and take care of this problem right away.