Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding

Posted on Mar 30, 2016 in Health

Although surf is the most popular version, we can’t miss noticing the many benefits brought by stand up paddle boarding. It is a sport that involves a type of board you need to stand on so you will work the majority of your body muscles. This type of full body workout can bring nothing but benefits, and here are some of those that will convince you to get a stand up paddle board.

You will enjoy an improved balance

By standing up during the entire paddling experience, you contract all your muscles in the attempt to maintain your body in balance. This involves a lot of core stability and strength in your leg muscles and shows improvements in your overall daily activities.

It offers a full body workout

While paddling, almost every muscle in your body is used and the result is an intense workout that keeps you fit. For example, you can take the tower adventurer sup with you at the seaside and use it to maintain your balance on the waves. Despite being and inflatable model, the tower adventurer sup manages to provide a sturdy surface that will tense your muscles. The leg muscles are responsible for the balance, along with the obliques and abs, while the back muscles keep you upright and the arm muscles propel you down the river. This is a workout you can hardly obtain while using a fitness machine.

It is a low impact exercise that protects your joints

Although you need to stay upright during the entire exercise, it’s unlikely to hurt yourself or to damage any muscle because the stand up paddle boarding implies a low impact workout. You can even perform it if you have already suffered a joint or tendon injury because it will not extend the damage.

Even stress is reduced while paddleboarding

Water has a naturally soothing effect and combined with the smooth motions of paddling, you can alleviate stress. The calming sounds of the water and the feeling of floating above the water work as a therapy that relaxes your senses. Not to mention the beauty of the view.

Enjoy amazing cardiovascular benefits

Spending some time on the stand up paddle board can act as a cardio workout that improves your heart rate and blood circulation. If you want a more intense exercise, you can opt for a racing stand up paddle board and increase your heart rate while paddling at higher speeds.

Paddleboarding improves the overall strength and endurance

All the movements of handling the paddle and the balance maintained by contracting your muscles contribute to improving your endurance and increasing your strength. Once you will no longer feel pain in your muscles or you will be less tired, you will know that you have improved your resistance.