Health and eating shrimp – are there any connections?

Posted on Jan 12, 2018 in Health

Any individual should focus on maintaining their lifestyle healthy, and that implies paying attention to their dietary choices. If you are currently thinking about making some changes in your diet, and thus adopting a healthier lifestyle, you might be wondering what foods are recommended to be consumed, ones that you can also enjoy. Well, if you did not know by now, shrimp is one option that comes with quite a lot of beneficial properties. Why is eating shrimp good for your health? Keep reading and you will find out:

Contributes to weight loss

One of the first things you should know about, detail that will probably appeal to you is that shrimp can in fact contribute to your weight loss process. Being a great source of vitamin D and protein, while having no carbohydrates, it will allow you to cut down on calories without any effort. Moreover, being also rich in zinc, you will be increasing the leptin level in your body, and if you research the topic for more info, you will find out that leptin can contribute to the regulation of your body’s appetite, energy and fat storage.

Anti-aging properties

One surprising detail not many are aware of is that shrimp also has anti-aging properties. Containing astaxanthin, a strong antioxidant that reduces skin aging signs, eating shrimp can help you maintain your skin young and healthy. Adding this type of food to your weekly diet can be a great solution to combat fine lines, wrinkles or spots linked to sunlight and UVA.  

Bone health

From magnesium to phosphorus, there are numerous vitamins found in shrimp, which have the role of fighting against bone degeneration. If your diet is deficient in vitamins and proteins, facing a deterioration of your bone strength, mass and quality can happen over time, leading to the appearance of osteoporosis. By including shrimp based meals in your regime, you will be lowering your risk of bone damage, slowing aging effects and thus keeping yourself in an optimal condition longer.

Brain health

With the high level of iron found in shrimp, by consuming it with regularity, you can increase the oxygen flow to your brain. This detail will help you benefit from improved memory, concentration and will allow you to become more comprehensive. Studies have shown that eaten shrimp can actually benefit your brain cells, and it will also reduce your risks of facing  brain inflammatory diseases. A brain health improvement is certainly something that needs consideration.

The food you choose to consume on a daily basis can impact your health in either a positive or negative way, so knowing what you should and shouldn’t eat is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy does not necessarily mean you have to create a diet out of tasteless meals, and the fact that seafood is so beneficial for your health is the perfect example. Now that you know how beneficial shrimp can actually be for your physical wellbeing, perhaps you will start including it more in your regime.