Getting ill in France – The French health care system

Posted on Jul 4, 2017 in Health

Unlike other countries, France has a great medical care system. It offers more alternatives in terms of free medical care and it has considerably more affordable services included than other countries do. Also, oftentimes, even if the services do cost something, patients are shortly reimbursed the money. However, those planning to move in France should know that public bodies like CPAM Seine Saint Denis offer detailed information regarding the national health insurance system as well as private insurance. However, below are some things you should know about the French health care system.

What should you do in case of a medical emergency?

In case of a non-life-threatening medical emergency, you can easily visit the office of a “médécin traitant”, the equivalent for a general practitioner. Unlike like in other countries, where you have to check in with your doctor, here you can see any doctor is available or any practitioner that you want to see. The practitioner will make recommendations and even send you to a specialist. Many doctors have their own cabinets, or share a cabinet with other practitioners. They oftentimes have a very welcoming appearance and they will certainly make you feel like home. And fear not, the vast majority of medical practitioners do speak English.

Seeing a doctor won’t cost you a dime

Unlike other countries, France offers free medical care services for all inhabitants as long as they are part of the social security system. If you don’t have already public health insurance, then you should get in touch with one of the designated bodies and see what steps you should take in order to benefit from these services for free. The medical services in France vary from mostly to completely cover by health insurance. However, if you want to get a private health insurance, go and inform yourself about a “mutuelle”. You will certainly receive plenty of information. You must know that going to a practitioner will usually cost you somewhere between 25 – 30 euros. However, these costs will be reimbursed from your social security fund. Only make sure to get a Carte Vitale.

Pharmacies are always well-stocked

French people really love pharmacies. And you will discover it when you’ll see most of the people chatting with the pharmacists continuously. The thing is, in France you will always find medicine of high quality, all their pharmacies are well-stocked, while the employees are all willing and able to provide very useful pieces of advice. Also, pharmacists can advise you regarding a variety of mild affections, so you don’t have to see a doctor.

These are some generalities regarding the French medical system. Given the fact that it is such an advanced system, many people prefer moving to France, because this offers them numerous benefits, especially pregnant women. It has become a trend to give birth in France because of the level of coverage for the medical assistance needed during and after pregnancy. This way, many women benefit from free medical prenatal and postnatal care.