Foot corn

Posted on Apr 18, 2014 in Health

Foot corns are awful and nobody wants to have them, even if they could get some medical free days from their jobs. These infections are placed in some skin areas and appear as a result of too much pressure.
However, there are some ways in which you can avoid them. The first step is to stay away from situations that cause you a high level of pressure in the sensitive areas of your legs and your hands as well. Try not to create this type of unlikely circumstances and stay away from foot corns!

Fortunately, there are plenty of medicines that can help you escape from this unpleasant affection and these are based on certain chemical substances. Their purpose is to help the damaged skin get away from our body and thus allow a new skin layer grow up.

Foot corn is more frequently met in the case of people that suffer from slow blood circulation or have a sensitive skin. Also, people that suffer from diabetes and diseases related to the arterial area. This type of people are responsible with calling a professional and asking for their help, because otherwise they are exposed to other serious complications.

Specialists call that type of pressure that causes foot corns as being “excessive”. The consequence of that excessive pressure is the appearance of a thickened area on your skin and this is called Hyperkeratosis. Corns and waxy and somehow dry and they can appear on your fingers.

The most unpleasant consequence of having such an affection is that they prevent you from walking normally and thus you need to wear a certain type of shoes. Even if the foot corn is small and you barely notice it, you still need to take care of this and try to get away from it as soon as possible!
One common part in which corns are more commonly installed is between the last two toes. These are said to be soft corns, but the pain is quite annoying. In order to refresh your skin, you have to make sure there is no extra pressure that pushes on them and in order to obtain this result, you must leave your legs the comfort it has asked for. It may take several days, but with patience and care you will manage to recover your beautiful skin!

Foot corns are not a novelty nowadays and even if you may be scared at first, there is nothing to worry about!