Emergency Medicine Locums – Say Yes to the App

Posted on Sep 5, 2016 in Health

If there is one phrase that accurately summarizes the era of mobility, it might be, “there’s an app for that!” The reality of the digital age is that there is now an app for virtually everything under the sun. So doesn’t it make sense for emergency medicine locums to take advantage of proven apps that can make their lives easier? Of course it does.

Emergency medicine is a curious animal in its variety. No other form of healthcare delivery participates in so much strangeness as emergency room care. ED professionals see things during their time in emergency medicine that they will never witness anywhere else. Even better, the medical world is often first introduced to new injuries, diseases, and maladies by way of those patients who make their way through ED doors. No one knows this better than the emergency medicine locum who just happens to have the opportunity to work in hospitals all over the country.

With all of that said, there are plenty of excellent apps that make emergency medicine locums more productive and efficient. Because they are too numerous to mention here, a better strategy would be to discuss a few categories of apps that doctors should be looking at.

Resource Apps

The biggest enemy of the emergency medicine locum is not having the applicable knowledge to deal with a case he or she has never seen before. But who has time to run to the library and look up medical journals while a patient fights for his/her life? Thankfully, there’s an app for that.

Doctors can find dozens of different resource apps that bring together all of the latest knowledge from around the world. A couple of examples include AgileMD, the Dental Trauma Guide, and MediBabble. We will let you look up these three to find out what they offer. Needless to say, the average emergency medicine locum would probably find all of them useful.

Treatment Apps

There are times when emergency room treatment calls for out-of-the-box thinking. There are other times when the doctor might need some sort of tool that does not seem to be available. Once again, there are dozens of different apps that can be very helpful.

One example is an app known as Vital Signs. It makes it possible for a doctor to measure heart rate and respiration using a smartphone with a camera. We wouldn’t recommend the app for critical care situations, but it can be helpful for less serious incidents.

Business Apps

Emergency medicine locums are often self-employed contractors managing their own work just as though they were operating a small business. Of course, there are some emergency medicine jobs in which a staffing agency actually employs the locum. In either case, nearly every locum will have to take at least some responsibility for things such as taxes and expenses. Business apps are invaluable for these kinds of things.

Doctors can find apps for time tracking, expense tracking, and scheduling. They can use accounting apps that make keeping track of finances a breeze. And, of course, there is no shortage of employment apps that make it easier than ever for the locum to find his or her next assignment.

Without a doubt, the smartphone is a lot more than just a device to make calls. It is a device that emergency medicine locums can use to make their daily jobs a lot easier. If you are an emergency medicine locum, you might want to take some spare time in the future to research available apps. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.