Dos and don’ts when taking calcium supplements

Posted on Sep 27, 2016 in Health

It is commonly known that calcium is one of the many essential nutrients human body needs in order to keep bones strong and healthy. However, sometimes you do not get enough calcium from your diet, in which case you need to supplement the dose with some pills. Since there are numerous calcium supplement providers on the market, probably the best method to ensure you go for the best one is to read some AlgaeCal reviews. Here are the dos and don’ts to keep in mind when taking this type of supplements.

Do talk to your doctor first

This is probably the most important aspect that you need to take into account before even looking for a calcium supplements provider online. Go to your doctor and discuss this matter with him or her in order to establish together whether it is necessary for you to take these pills or not.

Don’t forget to read the label

It is highly imperative to read the label of the calcium supplements you buy because you need to know exactly the amount of elemental calcium that each tablet contains and the amount of pills you should take in order to obtain the best results. However, it is important to mention that you should not take more than 500 mgs of calcium per day.

Do discuss with your pharmacist about other medicines that you take

When buying calcium supplements, you should also discuss with the pharmacist about other medicines that you take at that moment. It might happen for some of those medicines to interact with calcium and do more wrong to your body, which is why you should not skip this step. For instance, iron is one of those minerals that interfere with calcium absorption, so it is not recommended to combine the two.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the supplements you buy

You should pay great attention the moment you resort to a specific provide to buy calcium supplements, because you have to ensure that those pills do not contain any toxic metals such as bone meal or oyster shell. One very good method to be sure you have chosen a reliable and professional provider is to check whether it is certified by an accredited organization.

Do keep track of the amount of calcium you take

It is mandatory to keep track of the amount of calcium you get from food on a daily basis because this way you will know exactly how much calcium you are supposed to take as supplement. Experts in the domain advise not to take more calcium than needed, since this can have some serious damaging effects on your body by causing kidney stones and even soft tissue calcification.

Don’t go for the first provider you find

When it comes to selecting the right calcium supplements provider, you should do some detailed research on the internet in order to ensure the one you select is a trust-worthy one and can provide you with high quality products. Even though the research might take some time, it is all worth it in the end.