Do Mobility Scooters Cause Heart Diseases and Diabetes?

Posted on Sep 16, 2014 in Health

Mobility scooters were designed with functionality in mind, as they were built to help disabled people become more active and continue to do the activities that bring them joy. Those who suffer from impaired mobility can’t go shopping and they can’t even pay their bills without assistance, so a mobility equipment can make life easier for them. Moreover, mobility scooters can allow people with mobility problems to have a hobby, as there are many machines that can help them play golf, pool and any other game that requires movement. However, problems were signaled when several studies showed that seniors are more prone to developing an illness after buying these types of devices to get around. According to many opinions, mobility scooters might cause diabetes and even heart diseases.

What do studies show?

Based on many researches and studies, mobility scooters can affect one’s health significantly. Since people replace walking with using this type of machines, they are less physical active, which comes with many risks. One of the studies made in the US discovered that one in five people developed diabetes after purchasing a mobility scooter. Furthermore, the “American Journal of Cardiology” showed impressive statistics regarding the use of mobility scooters. After investigating a group of 102 subjects of an approximate age of 68, they discovered shocking results. The team found out that the group used only their mobility scooters to move around, and that they spent too little time per day walking. Although the patients were very satisfied with the benefits that they got from their scooters, they didn’t seem to realize that the scooters caused them more harm than good by increasing their chances to develop a medical condition.

The evidence that mobility scooters increase the risk of diabetes and heart diseases

The health analysis of the seniors who participated to the study showed that 20 of them developed diabetes during the time they were using their scooter. Moreover, a significant part of the patients required more powerful blood pressure tablets, and they had to be prescribed increased amounts of cholesterol-busting drugs. So, the lack of physical activity can lead to the development of diabetes and heart diseases.


Mobility scooters can positively impact the lives of the elderly, as they can help them become more independent and confident. Furthermore, those who are unable to walk due to a lung disease, arthritis, or heart failure, have no other solution to become more mobile than using a scooter. Still, it is essential to remember the importance of maintaining physical activity as high as you can, because only that way you will be able to avoid bad effects on your cardiovascular system. Moreover, the finding the right mobility scooter can save you a lot of discomforts. If you really need to use such a vehicle, we advise you to read some reviews first. You can find a lot of reviews on Look for devices which can be taken apart for easy transportation.