Cord blood stem cells are responsible for saving lives

Posted on Jan 29, 2018 in Health


Considering that today’s advances in technology are extremely promising, you should take advantage of the opportunities you have. One of the biggest innovation in terms of medicine would be using cord blood stem cells to treat life-threatening diseases in the future. The stem cord blood cells are different from cord tissue. Yet cord tissue can also be used to treat serious conditions. Cord blood banking represents a way to give your new-born baby a chance, an opportunity. You never know when life decides to place some obstacles in your journey, so it’s better to be prepared. Getting informed about what a cord blood registry is may get you convinced that this is the right option for any expecting parents. Read more about this topic below:

What diseases can one treat with cord blood stem cells?

A variety of diseases can be treated with the help of cord blood stem cells as long as the parents decided to opt for preserving them at birth. Many parents are not informed enough about this medical procedure and that’s the reason why they don’t opt for cord blood banking. Clinical trails are the ones studying the use of cord blood stem cells in treating different affections. Cerebral palsy is a disease that affects movements. This affection often appears during childhood and signs and symptoms are unique from one person to another. In traumatic brain injuries, cord blood stem cells are one viable solution. The same goes for children that struggle with acquired hearing loss or juvenile diabetes.

There are also potential uses for cord tissue instead of stem cells. These include treating heart diseases, serious wounds, spinal cord injuries, cartilage injuries or even liver diseases. Parents should choose banking cord blood stem cells or tissue especially if they have a family history of the disease and they know that their child can encounter a serious illness in the future. Also, racial or ethnic minorities are predisposed to developing certain diseases and they should take banking into consideration. A healthy future at the doctor’s recommendation includes cord blood banking. The problematic part would be the fact that there is only one chance to decide whether you are going to present cord blood or not and you should take advantage of it.

Is it expensive?

Since it is an innovative medical procedure, cord blood preservation can be quite expensive, but it is affordable if you decide early enough what you want to do. Being expecting parents can be tricky because you will always have to be a few steps ahead. Making all the medical decisions when there’s still time left until the big day will allow you to rethink your options and see what’s best. You should take all the influencing factors into account and perceive the bigger picture as a whole. The future of your children’s health may depend on this decision, so take your time. Cord blood banking may be a life savior if something unexpected and unpleasant occurs. Don’t miss your chance and do what’s best for your little one.