Boost your heart health with calcium supplements

Posted on Nov 4, 2016 in Health

You are told time and time again that foods rich in calcium are important for bone health. What is less known is the fact that there is a close connection between calcium and cardiac function. While it may seem surprising, the fact is that this essential bone mineral has an effect on cardiovascular health as well. To be more precise, by increasing your calcium intake you are doing a world of good for the health of your heart. Dietary supplements such as AlgaeCal will definitely help and the good news is that there are no AlgaeCal side effects whatsoever. In this article, we will try to explain why calcium supplements are necessary for a healthy heart.

The link between calcium and muscle health

The heart has specialized muscle cells that work together and literally do not miss one beat. Calcium plays an important part when it comes to the contraction of these muscle cells. What happens it that the bone mineral initiate the process. What is more, the essential mineral allows the muscle cells to relax. The point is that muscle cells need a concentration of calcium to survive, so you should make sure to take dietary supplements. Contrary to popular belief, dietary supplements do not lead to heart attacks. While it is true that disturbing the mineral balance is not good, it will not lead to any serious outcome. What can cause serious issues is calcium deficiency, namely heart issues and high blood pressure.

Calcium supplements

Now that it is clear that it is clear that you should get enough calcium, you have to decide on the best source. People consume dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese believing that this way they will increase their mineral intake. What you should know is that proper absorption from foods does not always take place. This can happen for various reasons, such as vitamin D deficiency. If you want to make sure that you are getting enough bone mineral, you should consider taking dietary pills. You have assurance that the dose is correct and the vast majority of supplements contain vitamin D as well.

The verdict: calcium supplements are heart-healthy

If you do not want to have cardiovascular issues, you should be concentrating more on your calcium intake. This mineral is essential for a balanced diet and pills can be taken by virtually anyone. What you should keep in mind is that having normal calcium levels is important, but attention should be paid to the fact that you cannot take just any dietary supplement. When shopping for calcium pills, look for those obtained from red algae as they are much more healthy.