Are beauty clinics healthy? Here’s how you can find out

Posted on Jun 17, 2015 in Health

Is the beauty clinic you go to healthy or the treatments you have there causing long term damage to your skin? In principle, such an establishment is not dangerous and it is a good idea to know a professional Brisbane beauty clinic where you can relax and treat yourself. However, some establishments are built on questionable principles and their providing low standard services might have negative consequences in the long run. Here are three ways in which you can check how good as establishment is for you and how it can impact your health.

What products does the clinic use?

The skin care and cosmetic products used are extremely important. They should include effective, but skin-friendly ingredients that do not cause irritations, discomfort or severe health conditions. Before making an appointment or investing in a subscription, inquire the staff on what brands and products they use. More often than not, clinics have their own lines of products or use niche skincare that is not regularly found in stores and that people don’t know much about. You should be an informed client and know how you are being treated and with what. Look up the name of the products used, read their lists of ingredients and find out if they have been associated with harmful side effects.


Is the staff certified?

The staff in a beauty clinic shouldn’t necessarily be comprised of world renowned dermatologists, but they should at least have a form of accreditation to demonstrate their expertise. Working in a beauty establishment involves having sound dermatological knowledge and knowing how to operate special equipment and substances. Your beautician should be the graduate of a specialised school or at least attend professional courses to find out how certain procedures interact with various skin types, how to detect allergies and how to prescribe the right treatments.


Look for genuine testimonials

Testimonials are the safest and fastest way of finding out to whom you have entrusted your beauty. Before trusting advertisements, check the company’s name online and find out what previous clients think of it. If possible, look for before and after photos, because they are self-explanatory. You will find out if the IPL really works and if anti-aging treatments really provide the advertised effects. In case you come across photos in which the “after” image looks bad, with signs of scarring or burns, then do not risk your health and look for another establishment.