5 Spa Therapies which Can Reduce Back Pain

Posted on Feb 5, 2016 in Health

When you think about a spa, you picture a fancy place where rich people go and spend an entire day on soothing and pampering therapies designed to relax them even more. Actually, spas are designed for everyone to enjoy and can even have healing effects on several health conditions like the disturbing back pain. If you suffer from severe back pain and nothing seemed to help you, here are 5 spa therapies that can reduce your pain and help you feel better.

Hot tubs

With all the cold weather, there is nothing you will want more than a hot bath that will sooth your muscles. Besides, the hot water can help you reduce excruciating back pain by increasing the blood pressure and improving blood circulation. Hot tubs are an efficient way of applying heat to a large area of your body in order to achieve fast and excellent results in alleviating pain. If you want to enjoy an efficient hot tub treatment, preferably one with thermal water, book a spa vacation on the Revitalit site. You will find some great deals there at some of the most renowned spas.

Massage therapy

There is nothing more relaxing and invigorating than a massage that soothes your body while helping your muscles reduce the pressure that is causing your pain. A professional masseur at the spa will know exactly where to push and how hard to knead your body so that the result will be beneficial. You can also opt for a massage chair that includes a wide range of massage techniques designed to lower your back pain.

Water exercise therapy

While you take a swim in the pool at the spa, you can perform some exercises that can help you reduce back pain and improve mobility. A physiotherapist can guide you towards relaxing exercises meant to relax your back muscles, like stretching or using a treadmill underwater.

Sauna therapy

Sitting in one of the best infrared saunas for at least 20 minutes can heat your back muscles and alleviate pressure that is causing your pain. While using the sauna, sit on the benches and use the backrests to adjust a comfortable position that will encourage your back muscles to relax and release the tension.

Keep in mind that only infrared saunas can soothe your back. Wet saunas have other health benefits, but they won’t do much for your back pain. The best infrared saunas create a soothing heat with chromotherapy which has even more benefits on your back due to the healing properties of the colorful light.


The healing effects of acupuncture are known since forever and this is why it has been used in treating a variety of diseases, including chronic back pain. By knowing the exact pressure spots of your body, a professional acupuncturist places needles in key spots in order to release pressure and pain from strained muscles. While at the spa, ask about this wonderful and relaxing practice that can remove your back pain.